LifeWindow 9x MRI

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MRI Safe Multiparameter Veterinary Monitor

The LifeWindow 9x MRI is a multi-parameter veterinary monitor that can measure a patients’ vital signs during an MRI scan increasing patient safety during anesthesia. Our LW9xVet-MR uses world class veterinary specific modules to measure ECG, SpO2, and NIBP. Additional parameters are CO2, AGAS, O2, and invasive pressure. The monitor is designed to be installed in the control room, outside the MRI room. All patient connections are designed to go through the MRI rooms waveguide to the patient. The MRI safe design has made the instrument very reliable, cost effective and user friendly.


Accuracy Matters

LifeWindow is built to improve patient outcomes by delivering quick and accurate measurements from critical care to routine checkups on any species. This device is equipped with clinically validated measurement modules that are backed by years of research.


  • Electrocardiography

    Digicare’s VetECG™ utilizes an advanced algorithm based on spectrum analysis developed using ECG data acquired from numerous animal recordings. Using carbon fiber ECG lead wires and specially designed MRI filters, our MRI VetECG not only works well in several species of animals but also filters all interference that can compromise MR image quality.

  • Pulse Oximetry

    Our MRI Pulse Oximetry uses a fiber optic sensor that was specifically developed for use in animals during MR imaging. With a simple wrap sensor application, accurate SpO2 readings can be achieved by placing the sensor in different sites which will guarantee interference free images.

  • Capnography

    Our capnography for MRI combines specially adjusted sidestream technology that samples CO2 at a very low flow utilizing a long CO2 line that will not cause any interference in MRI imaging. Our MRI capnography solutions provide comprehensive measurements including End-tidal, inspired, respiration rate and a real time CO2 waveform.

  • Non-Invasive BP

    Obtaining reliable BP measurements from animals can be challenging especially during MRI imaging. Suntech’s® VetBP™ technology combined with special hoses and cuffs provides reliable and interference free measurements by use of an animal specific algorithm designed with motion tolerant technology.

  • Invasive BP

    Patient’s invasive pressures are measured during MRI imaging using a special MRI safe pressure transducer that can be placed next to the patient inside the MRI room. The electrical cable from the transducer to the monitor is built using carbon fiber and specially designed filters to eliminate any interference in the images. The monitor is can measure up to 4 invasive pressures.

  • Anesthetic Agents

    In applications where the measurement of the Anesthetic Gas are required during MRI imaging, the LifeWindow 9xMR offers this option that combines a world class Anesthetic Gas measurement module with a specially designed pump that can sample the patient’s inhaling gases using a long sample line that can measure CO2, anesthetic agent, MAC values, N2O and respiration rate.