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Biomed Plus + Digicare

We are excited to announce we are now offering Digicare product lines. Digicare has been a quality standard in the industry for many years. Their excellence in attention to detail, user experience, and dependability make them a great fit to begin making available to our wonderful customers.

Digicare’s LifeWindow One

Digicare’s LifeWindow One is a portable multi-parameter veterinary monitor engineered with premium veterinary specific modules. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and compact size weighing in at only 3lb. Made with convenience in mind, the LifeWindow One can be easily mounted on a rolling stand or IV pole.

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The digiPump SR31x is a smart, multi-function veterinary syringe pump capable of infusing 7 different infusion modes and can be calibrated for use with any standard syringe. With a small and compact design, these stackable pumps also include a handle attachment and a detachable pole clamp for easy IV pole installation.

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LifeWindow is built to improve patient outcomes by delivering quick and accurate measurements from critical care to routine checkups on any species. This device is equipped with clinically validated measurement modules that are backed by years of research.

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Digicare’ s TeleVue TV1x is a portable ultra-small transmitter that measures 3/5 lead ECG and stays with your patient, sending vital signs data through Bluetooth technology to a PC up to 300ft away with the option to extend this to 1000ft. The TeleVue software will generate both Excel and PDF reports of tabular data and includes a 48 hour ECG recorder that offers full disclosure printing.

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Digicare’s CardiostartCS91x veterinary defibrillator monitor is compact, lightweight and rugged. Using state of the art biphasic technology with optional multiparameter capabilities, this defibrillator can deliver quick resuscitation therapy to most animal species. The biphasic waveform shock provides a safer and more effective therapy for optimal patient care.

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