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The A5 Advantage offers modular scalability with enhanced functionality for effective care across a wide range of patient types, from neonate to bariatrics. Standard safety features, advanced ventilation modes, central locking brake, and a high-pressure O2 port support initial clinical needs with advanced ventilation modes, lung protective strategies and workflow tools available for true scalable functionality. Direct HL7 data output provides industry standard connectivity for AIMS and EMR systems, reducing the expense associated with data integration. The scalable A5 is an ideal choice for hospital standardization and cost-effective anesthesia management.

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A5 Advantage

Anesthesia System
intuitive | effortless | precise

The A5 blends performance and simplicity to meet the challenges of your complex world. The A5’s intuitive touchscreen interface eliminates time normally spent manipulating settings so your attention is focused on patient care. With advanced ventilation modes, integrated gas analysis, benchmark ergonomic design and interface, you will be impressed with all that the A5 can do.

The A5 conforms to the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Patient Care Domain (PCD) profile. A5 is capable of outputting data in industry standard HL7 protocol. HL7 with the IHE PCD profile is recognized by anesthesia information and electronic medical records (EMR) systems as the demonstrated industry standard for unambiguous interoperability.

The A5’s ample work surface, comfortable foot rest, central brake and integrated cable sweeps enhance device mobility.

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