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Monitor your patients with confidence with the ePM 10M and 12M vet monitors. With 10” or 12” multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen displays, these intuitive monitors provide up to 4 hours of continuous monitoring anywhere you need it. Add the Sidestream Module to your monitor for end tidal CO2 measurement, Fio2 (inspired CO2) and respiration rate.

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3 Year
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Medical Equipment

Detailed Overview

ePM 10M and 12M Vet Monitor

• 10" and 12" multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen displays, featuring
intuitive user interface
• The parameters your veterinary clinic needs including 3 lead ECG, IBP,
SpO2, NIBP, respiration, temperature, integrated recorder
• Up to 4 hours continuous monitoring with large capacity Li-ion
• 360-degree visible alarm indicator
• 120 hours of trend data and up to 48 hours of full disclosure
• Integrated 3-trace thermal recorder provides waveform and data
reports at point-of-care
• The concealed grab-and-go handle eliminates hard to clean crevices
and eases clinical workflow while on the move

Safety and Eciency
• Extensive data storage capability for trend data,
alarms, events, and 48 hours of full disclosure
• Compact space layout
• Thermal balance design

Fanless Design
• No cross infection, protect the health of
animals and doctors
• No internal dust, reliable and stable system
• No noise, create a quiet and comfortable
• Avoid animal hair from being collected into
the equipment

• Up to 25 customized configurations can be stored
• Different alarm limit settings for different animals
• Default item setting of each interface/function
• Customize name of configuration
• Support export and import by USB

Integrated parameters include:
3, 5-lead ECG, Masimo SET® SpO2, NIBP, Respiration & Temperature
• Optional Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2 available
• Optional Sidestream or Microstream® CO2 module and multi-gas
module (ePM 12M only)
• Arrhythmia analysis with atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection standard
to 48 hours of full disclosure

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