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The Mindray TE5 ultrasound system is a specialty system with a unique design, where every detail has been taken into consideration to meet the needs of today’s demanding ultrasound environments. With enhanced image quality and an intuitive touch enabled design, the TE5 system is an excellent choice for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

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Detailed Overview

Technologies within Reach

eSpacial Navi™

With eSpacial NaviTM, the 4D magnetic needle navigation technology, TE5 guides you to better visualize the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of-Plane procedures. The position of the tip and the alignment of the needle now are simply identified, allowing you to plan the needle trajectory before puncturing and guiding you to the target safer and easier.



The advanced needle visualization of iNeedle+TM is available for linear and convex transducers. This technology can greatly improve the needle display during In-Plane approach. The intelligent algorithm can automatically track the needle angle and optimize the ultrasound beam accurately by degree for optimum image quality, compared with normal visualization technology.


iVocal Voice Control

Based on Artificial Intelligent voice recognition technology, iVocal allows you to control system functions by simple voice commands, embracing development in ultrasound user comfort and operator ergonomics during the whole ultrasound exam.

· Simple, accurate and fast

· Free hands, focus more on the patients and enhance diagnostic efficiency

· Suitable for disinfected and sterile environment without touching the system


Wide Range of Transducers

The TE5 system offers a comprehensive portfolio of transducers for both superficial and deep tissue imagingranging from 1 MHz to a 20 MHz ultra-high frequencytransducer. In addition, the new L12-3RCs with 3 programmable buttons ensures simple, fast, and convenient control without touching the system, letting you focus more on patient care. The optimally positioned keys can be defined as depth & gain adjustment, freeze & unfreeze, save image & cine, and more.


Superior Workflow Function

Smart Track

Based on smart track of vessels, it can automatically optimize Color/Power and PW spectrum to reduce repetitive, time-consuming steps and simplify the vascular exam workflow:

  • Real-time and automatically optimize Color box position & angle
  • Real-time and automatically optimize PW sample volume position & angle & size


Dedicated inbuilt tutorial software

  • Anatomical diagram illustrations including schematic structure tips and coded tissue
  • Standard ultrasonogram comparison with real-time scanning
  • Scanning reference picture demonstrating adequate patient position and probe placement tips on scanning skills and diagnosis information

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