Tuttnauer T-Edge 10B 110V


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Tuttnauer T-Edge 10B 110V

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Medical Equipment

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T-Edge 10 Tuttnauer-Class B Or S Autoclave- Pre/Post Vacuum.

The unique feature of this T-edge 10 autoclave is that it can be upgraded to Class B, meaning that it can be used to meet the most current sterilization standards that are required by ANSI/AAMI ST55. Class B sterilizers provide a deeper vacuum which allows for more thorough removal of air. This feature enables the system to perform vacuum in difficult hollow or porous instruments as well as perform effective sterilization of these materials.

An industry-first "upgrade ready" option to enable users to go from a Class S sterilization system to a Class B sterilization system.  The chamber size is 10 x 18".  Reduction of water consumption by about 40%. Reduction in energy consumption as a result of reducing the cycle time. Time-delay settings allow the machine to work at off-peak hours to reduce electricity costs. All sterilization processes must be documented, archived, and saved, due to strict safety regulations. T-Edge 10 offers a number of methods for documenting and archiving sterilization cycles including an internal memory that can store up to 1,000 sterilization cycles (standard), Ethernet connection for transferring data from your PC to your network (standard). The device comes with a USB port for transferring data to your PC or network (standard). The T-Edge Provides sophisticated data analysis capabilities with the Tuttnauer RPCR software program as an option and an optional printer can be used to either barcode documents or print them.


  • Overall Size: 21.1" x 18.89" x 19.68"
  • Chamber Size: 18" x 10"
  • Holds 5 Trays
  • Voltage: 110V, 60 Hz

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T-Edge 10B 110V

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